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Basic Puppy Dog Grooming Services
  • Puppies that will need dog grooming services later in life should be started on a grooming schedule as young as possible. Grooming can be a very stressful process to go through, especially if your dog has never been to the groomer before. There are many loud sounds, strange smells, new people, and many other factors that can make your little one uneasy at first.

    With time, patience, and a routine grooming schedule, your puppy will become comfortable before you know it. We pride ourselves on our absolute love of dogs and know how stressful this experience can be for both you and your pet. All of our clients are treated with the same patience and love as our own families and pets.

    Experience a new, more relaxed, home-based grooming atmosphere that will put you and your dog at ease. All puppies are required to have current puppy vaccinations before services are performed. Puppies pricing is for puppies up to 5 months old.

  • Basic Shampoo, Blow Dry or Towel Dry, Brush Out, Ear Cleaning, Anal Gland Expression **, Nail Trimming, Sanitary Trim, Neaten Up Face, Round Feet
  • Additional charges may be applied if there is matting or for de-shedding as well as for extra large or thick coated dogs. ** Service upon request only. Not recommended unless there is an underlying issue.
Nail Trim
Only $12
Ear Cleaning
Only $4